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During its many years of phenomenal success, Pride & Joy has remained the most popular party band on the Bay Area music scene. This group is the Pride of the Bay Area and a Joy to anyone who loves to dance. They have achieved this by presenting the most timeless pop/soul music of our time in an electrifying high-style show that pulls the audience directly into the heart of their performance.

This band can play anywhere from the most popular clubs on the circuit to wedding receptions, the top society parties and corporate events; everybody, everywhere, instantly relates to the music.


"It's always been natural for us to reach out and draw in the audience. We make the people feel they're part of the performance because they are. That's what Pride and Joy has always been about; creating a great feeling in the room. That's as important a part of our show as the work we put into our look, choreography and arrangements."


As evidence of Pride and Joy's across-the-board staying power, the band regularly sells out engagements at San Francisco's premier nightclub Bimbo's 365 Club, The Fox Theatre in Redwood City and The Mystic Theatre in Petaluma. In addition, they have played venues in Arizona, Hawaii, Nevada, Baltimore, Dallas, Denver, Houston, and engagements throughout California.



Martin Scott


Martin Scott is a Dynamic Singer with plenty of energy and a sense for high fashion! "I am a smooth front man w/ management and people skills. I see Pride and Joy being the Bay Area (and beyond) premier party band for years to come!!"


Patrice DeArman


Patrice De Arman is a Dynamic, Charismatic, and Beautiful Vocalist who gives all her heart and soul to her music and her audience. "What I do is, take a song and make it my own while keeping the integrity of the original song".


Kirby Coleman


Kirby Coleman was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, where he was exposed to the sounds of jazz, blues, and soul music at an early age. His passion and unique sound helped him place two recordings on the Billboard top 100 chart. 


Brenda Holloway


Brenda Holloway-Johnson is from San Francisco, Ca, and has been singing since childhood in the church choir. Brenda's vocals radiate a full wide range from the first soprano to a low tenor. "I love our band Pride & Joy SF and it is truly a most ultimate experience of a lifetime."

Notable Clients 

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